1st minimum
The minimum age is 12 years.

2nd communication
Headset / microphone and Skype is a must. We wish you a nice tone.

3rd behavior
The response in our clan should be age appropriate, that means no insults, noabuse of other players!

4th teamwork
We do not need people who play just for yourself, and little or not team players are.

5th Cheating, Exploits, etc.
Who is cheating, intentional Bugusing operates is immediately thrown out of theclan, because we make no exceptions. We stand for fair play!

6th Clantag
Each member must wear the clan tag in front of his name in the game, for example:

7th Recruits (Trial Member)
A member is on trial for an indefinite period in a trial phase, and in the samplephase, the observed activities of the recruits. e.g. Online times, team spirit and play behavior in general. Trial Members Clan Wars not be allowed to complete.